Find 80-100% of collectable items in your island. Zoom out (key '-') to the max, take a screenshot. If you are using Chrome you can paste directly here, if not you will need to open paint and paste it, then save the file as 24bits BMP to disk. After that take that file and drag&drop over the green box. After press search items.
Island legend
 Food cart
 Fur Bundle (soon)
 Grain Sacks (soon)
 Wine Barrel (soon)
 Pumpkin (Halloween)
 Candy Cane (Christmas)
 Gingerbread (Christmas)
 Christmas Bell (Christmas)
Adventure legend
 Bronze Cauldron
 Adamantium Ore (soon)
Extra information about the map
The dots with a black contour have more chances to be a collectible item. Keep in mind that it is more dificult to find items close to building with effects, you can repeat this process several times to find extra collections.
Este programa necesita un navegador con soporte para canvas y FileReader (HTML5). This program needs a HTML5 compatible browser (sith support for canvas and FileReader)