Creating an expedition guide for The Settlers Online

To start lets explain about the Expedition creator

Expedition creator is a system that allow you find the best combination troop to finish an expedition, showing you the totals of units needed and lost, and a combat log for each campament.

The main features are:
  • Find the best attack
  • Find the best attack with certain troop limits
  • Find the best attack final island boss "suicide" attack (not done yet)
  • Find the longest blocking
  • Calculate different blocking pass
  • Fast way to enable and disable certain troops
  • Calculate the total of troops needed
  • A way to disable finished camps (totals are updated)
  • Delete camps
  • Check combat log
  • Increase the number of troops easily with up/down button for enemies
  • Defensive towers (not done yet)
  • Ready for PvP
  • Automatically calculates number of rounds and reloads of troops
  • Automatically calculates combat duration
  • Information about the troops when cursor is over

Edition window

The first that you can do is select a certain type of attack/block.

We can see several type of attacks... but they are mainly 2 types, attacks and blocks
  • The attacks find the best attack to destroy a camp.
  • The block as its name says, blocks a certain camp for a certain amount of time allowing other generals to pass the influence area of the camp blocked. Here we can find different kind of blocks, that changes the number of troops lost but also the number of seconds blocked. You can block for longer or shorter if you wish for example limiting the number of troops (attack with troops limit)

When you open the creator you can see in the left all the enemies troops (included the pvp enemies). You can select them by clicking up/down the arrows or just writing a number.

Other important info is where we can see the troops totals (used and died).

Adding our first camp

After we have seen the main windows, lets add an attacked camp. Select certain enemies troops and click over Add button

After we have added the troops, we can see the troops used window updated.

And to the right we can see the new added attacked camp window.

Inside the attacked camp window we can see some icons, the 3 icons in the right are buttons. First of them (blue book with an arrow) is a log button, if we press the log button we can see the combat log:

Example with 3 attacks

We add 3 attacks. After being added we will see 3 attacked camp windows

And the used troops window updated with the new totals.

When we finish a camp in the game, we press the done button (circle with a green done inside), and it is minimized and removed from totals so we have always the total troops information updated. After we finish the first 2 camps we will have:

And new totals updated:

Attack with limited number of troops

Selecting this type of attack we can set the max number of troops for all kind of troops. Another way to limit the troops (for example elites if we dont have them) is by clicking the image in the total troops screen (it will turn in gray color), and the troop will be not used in calculations.

We select here the max of troops:

And checking the combat log we can see that only those troops are used.