Alarm system v1.0 for The Settlers Online

The alarm system allows you to manage the notifications and alerts of your island, centered all them in a common place, with sounds and tab blinking. To receive notifications of this system you need to be loged and keep the alert address open

The first that you need to do is login in our webpage (Or create a new user). This is needed to identify you in the future, alarms run even if you turn off your browser or computer. In the future will allow you to receive certain alarms (selected by you) in your mobile. After you need to click "Alarms" in the main menu and select the "Alarms" submenu (anyways after login you go now to alert system to default too)

When you get into the alarm system you will see several tabs (maybe you can see more tabs in future versions). Lets see the current tabs.


  1. Generic alarms that you can set to any date/hour
  2. You can set an alarm that will notify you when your gold mine 6, granite pit, etc will go under the limit and it would be destroyed.
  3. To notify you when your mines are over to search them again.
  4. To notify you when are your buffs over.
  5. To stop a building when your buff is over.
  6. To remember you that your general is already in the island to start the adventure or just to attack when you have been invited... sometimes I forget that I have been invited :).
  7. To know when your geologist come back to your island after a search.
  8. To remeber you when a construction is done or its level has been raised.
  9. To notify you when your storage will hit 0, so production will stop.
  10. To notify you when you storage will go under a certain stock, so you need to buy more materials.
  11. To notify you when you storage will hit the max of your storage, so your production will lose.
  12. To notify you when you storage will go over a certain stock, so you need to sell or sent it to the star menu.
  13. A lot of other usages since there is not limit.
  14. New calculators will be added in the future (barracks, provision houses,...).
  15. New features comming (Sharing events with your friend for rebuffing, notifications in your mobile of certain events,...)

Alarms notification

IMPORTANT: To receive the notifications you need to keep the alarm system opened in a tab in your browser

There are 3 ways to notify us the alarms events. The first is a sound (if we have configured the alarm with sound). The second is a tab in the browser that will change each half second with the alarms completed.

The last way is under the time server. A log will appear with the alarms completed.

My alarms

In this tab you can see all the enabled alarms as you can see below.

There are several action icons. Moving the cursor over the icons you can see for what are they used.

Creating a new alarm/Edit alarm

This tab is the most important. It is a common tab for creating and editing alarms. It allows to create alarms with a name, a description, an alarm date and a sound to play.

The power of this system is the fast way to introduce the information. For this you have calculators. Lets see some of them.

Mine calculator

You chose the mine type, the level, the current stock, the distance to the storage and it will tell the total time and will allow us to create an alarm.

Buff calculator

It will tell us after chosing a Buff when it will end, creating an alarm to notify us.

Storage empty calculator

It creates an alarm to tell us when the storage will be empty (or just under a certain ammount) for a item based in our production and our current stock.

Storage full calculator

It creates an alarm to tell us when the storage will hit the max (or just over a certain ammount) for a item based in our production, our storage limit and our current stock.

Old Alarms

This tab shows all the alarms finished already.

There is a button that allows us to reuse an alarm finished by cloning it into a new one (It will use the diff time between when was it created and when was it finished).


This tab will allow us to configure the alarm system. For now you only have an option to configure the timezone, but new options will come soon..